Monday, April 7, 2014

XPocalypse! What Should You Do!?

Tomorrow, Microsoft will end security updates for the venerable Windows XP.   Here is what Your PC Tech has to say about it...

1.)    The “demise” is not going to be a “sudden death” for Windows XP.  It is only the end of security updates.  It will continue to function as normal.

2.)    “The Media” and Microsoft are making it sound like once the security updates end, your PC will be flooded with infections.  This will not happen.  XP will be more vulnerable to infections as time goes on, but it will probably be a gradual increase – not a sudden onslaught.

3.)    If you can afford a new PC – now is the time to get one.  That is the safest thing to do.  You can still get systems with Windows 7 installed, which is very much preferred over the new Windows 8.  While Windows 8 is not generally liked, Microsoft has finally “got it” and is making a number of improvements to make it more friendly.  So if you can only afford to buy a Windows 8 computer, it won’t be as bad as the early ones that you may have heard so many bad things about.

4.)    Upgrading your old XP system to a Windows 7 system *might* be an economical alternative.  It will depend on the components in it.  This will have to be checked by me, (or some other technician).  If your system happens to have a little

sticker on it that says “Vista Compatible”, it will work very well with Windows 7 – although it may need a memory upgrade.  If the sticker says “Vista Capable” – it will not work well with Windows 7.  If it can be upgraded, the cost will run roughly $175 to $275 depending on your computer and the version of Windows 7.

5.)    If you plan to continue using XP past April 8, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you buy and install a top-performing security application.  I do NOT recommend ANY free security product.  They are simply too “lightweight” for today’s threats.  The four that I recommend are:

a.       Kaspersky  (
b.      Eset Security Suite 6 (
c.       Avira Internet Security Suite (
d.      Norton Internet Security (

6.)    If you don’t get a new computer or Windows 7 upgrade soon, plan to.  Certainly do NOT plan on continuing to use Windows XP for past April 8, 2015.  If you absolutely must continue using Windows XP, contact me and we’ll discuss the options.

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