My Pricing

My Hourly rates are:
  • On-Site ......................... $90/hour
  • Remote (via Internet).... $76/hour  
  • In-Shop ..........................$68/hour  

My Flat-Rates are:

"Ballpark Estimate":  Free.

  •  A Ballpark Estimate is the range of best-to-worst-case-costs to perform a repair, based on your description of the problem.  It is not guaranteed, but it is free. 
  •  I cannot provide an accurate estimate without actually examining the system.
"Firm Estimate" or "Minimum Charge":  1/2 hour of the hourly rate that applies.
  • A Firm Estimate is what I provide to you after I have been able to evaluate the problem.  It may or may not be "guaranteed" -- depending on the nature of the problem, and what you and I agree upon after I explain it. 
  • I usually spend more than half an hour evaluating the problem to provide a firm estimate. However, if you decide not to repair the problem -- for whatever reason -- my "minimum charge" is only 1/2 hour.
"Correcting Slow Performance Issues"
Slow performance can be caused by a number of things.  Generally, they fall into one of four price categories:
  1. "Age." I always first do a quick evaluation to see if the system is too old and/or low-tech to be worth repairing
  2. "Needs a Tune-Up." This includes normal problems that accumulate while using the system. …Stuff like bloated or fragmented registries, badly fragmented hard drives, minor spyware infections, missing updates, etc…
  3. "Needs Hardware." The system may need additional Memory or a Hard Drive replacement.
  4. "Corrupted Operating System." The Operating System is damaged so badly that it is cheaper and more effective to re-install it than repair it.
The problem can be any one or all of the categories above.  Here’s how the prices work out:
  • “Age.”  No charge.  (If you decide not to repair.)
  • “Tune-Up.” 1.25 hour Flat Rate.  That means $85 In-Shop, $95 by Remote, or $112.50 On-Site.
  • “Needs Hardware: Memory”  Add $5 plus my cost for the hardware.  (It’s pretty rare that low memory only causes this kind of problem – it almost always needs a tune-up, too.)
  • “Needs Hardware: Hard Drive.”  Add $25 plus my cost for the hardware. Unless the damage to the hard drive prevents me from “copying” the old hard drive to the new one.  In that case, the operating system will have to be reinstalled.
  • “Corrupted Operating System.” I have to make a quote based on what I find, because too many variables apply.  Generally, the worst case maximum is $158 (+ parts) In-Shop, $238 (+ parts) On-Site.
"Transferring data from an old computer to a new one." 

Assuming there are no defects on the hard drive in the old computer.:
  • In-Shop ………… $51
  • On-Site ………… Depends on how much data to transfer. Requires individual quote.

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