My Background

I started repairing computers in 1982, as a Field Engineer servicing mostly Mini-Computers and High-Speed Impact Printers. As Personal Computers became a bigger portion of industry hardware, my work skills shifted equally in that direction.

In 2004, I began working as a self-employed Independent PC Technician.  My service is different from most PC repair shops in three ways...
  • I target my services to "PC End-Users".  My customers are almost exclusively home users, home offices and very small businesses on peer-to-peer networks.
  • I provide personalized technical services. You will always talk to someone who knows your computer and its history, who understands your computing needs, and your personal preferences
  • Having started my career during the "Golden Age" of IT services, I am embedded with the "old-fashioned" ethic of always providing an exceptional quality of service -- above and beyond the current standards.

In short, my business name says it all:

                   I am Your Personal Computer Tech.

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