Sunday, September 25, 2011

Moving Up (North)

Due to several reasons -- including the changing economy -- Kathy and I have decided to move to our home in Ellijay earlier than we originally planned.

Don’t worry – I’m not completely leaving Marietta. I’ll still be living in Marietta until our house sells, and....

Even after we move, I will still be available to assist you using my remote services.

Also, we have a granddaughter in Marietta, and we will be visiting her often. (Kathy says she will go into withdrawal if she doesn’t get enough time with the baby.) This will create additional opportunities for providing services here.

Between now and then, I will be gathering new customers in Ellijay. This will cause a gradual shift in my scheduling. I’ll be splitting my time between Ellijay and Marietta as the needs require, but my availability for on-site services in Marietta will become increasingly limited.

We can still be reached at the same phone number as always. So please call us when you need help. Kathy will be happy to put you on my schedule.

Warm Regards,

Brian Freeman
Your PC Tech
770-565-7997 Marietta
706-534-9990 Ellijay

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