Thursday, September 22, 2011

Will Tablets (iPads) Replace PCs?

Perhaps you've heard the fireworks and acclaim for iPads, along with the claims that they will quickly replace Personal Computers.  Is this true?

The answer is a little difficult, because all "Tablet" systems -- including the iPad -- are Personal Computers.  They all have the same basic components.  Only the shape is different -- and they run a different type of Operating System.  But Tablets are just as much a PC as your current Laptop or Desktop PC.

Your PC Tech's Short Answer:  No, they will not completely replace Laptop and Desktop computers. However, tablets will be a major part of future computing.  They have significant advantages for light, basic computing needs, but cannot completely replace Laptops and Desktops for "heavy-duty" applications.  (...For the near-future.)

Your PC Tech's Prediction:  Roughly half of all current PC users will buy tablet PCs within the next three years.  Roughly half of those will eventually give up their laptop or desktop PCs, and only use their Tablet PC.  The other half will continue to use both a Tablet PC and a Desktop or Laptop PC.

In addition to this, a large number of people who have never owned a PC at all  (because they were "too complicated") will buy a Tablet PC, and be very happy with it.

Summary:  Tablets may eventually dominate the market.  But for the near future, the physical, technical, and software limitations of Tablets will prevent them from completely replacing Laptop and Desktop PCs.

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